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Minimalist nginx vhost template example

Sometimes make sense to put small and understandable template. I don't see any point to use separated 80 and 443 vhosts if you need only 443, and 80 needed only for redirect.

Redis with failover replication

Redis - nice tools for store key-value data in different formats. Here pretty easy way to create failover for replication. Sometime named as redis cluster, but is it not true, just few (prefer 3 for sentinel quorum) servers with one master and slaves in different configuration (slave from slave, slave by priority. local slave...).

Bash script template

Times to time I need to create script with user friendly interface, for this usage with ARG0, ARG1... bad form. Here example how to use normal argument's like " -h"

Fail python-pip after upgrade on Debian 8 and 9

Some time after "pip install --upgrade pip" pip fail with error "ImportError: cannot import name main".

How to protect iptables when we use docker-compose

How to protect iptables when we use docker-compose. By default docker dynamically add some rules to iptables and you can't flush or manage firewall as usual. I sow many solutions, like save current docker rules and after returning back... I don't think it is a good idea... If docker can't deal with FW - we need free him from this task. Here about docker-compose demonization with systemd .