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First look on UniFi Wireless Access Point

New project - new challenge. For this project I got UAP-AC-Pro, UAP-AC-Lite and UAP-Outdoor+.

Docker persistent MAC address generation problem

When I was try start 150+ docker containers with docker-compose I found strange problem: "Could not generate persistent MAC address"

Script to generate a MAC address

Very simple and useful script to generate a MAC address. Applicable for docker, xen, kvm...

How to protect iptables when we use docker-compose

How to protect iptables when we use docker-compose. By default docker dynamically add some rules to iptables and you can't flush or manage firewall as usual. I sow many solutions, like save current docker rules and after returning back... I don't think it is a good idea... If docker can't deal with FW - we need free him from this task. Here about docker-compose demonization with systemd .

Docker compose demonization with systemd

How to (auto)start infrastructure with docker-compose. Very useful for development needs as example for review server (pre-prod or test environment). Here about how to protect iptables when we use docker-compose .