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FreeRadius and Google Workspace LDAP

This is the first time when I used FreeRadius, this program reminds me of Postfix, I mean similar complicated and powerful tool. Only one big difference - very bad documentation and not enough examples. In the maillists a lot of questions without answers from FreeRadius guru. Here I provided examples of how I solved some problems or where I took too much time…

First look on UniFi Wireless Access Point

New project - new challenge. For this project I got UAP-AC-Pro, UAP-AC-Lite and UAP-Outdoor+.

Work From Home or bring your corporate network at home

Work From Home (WFH)… Not a big problem for IT. Almost all that I need I can do without any discomfort. Big understanding of how to work became in the first carnitine time, in Lithuania it was in summer. Good weather, own house, lots of forests around… Who cares about COVID19, I just be with my family and spend my time as usual.

OpenVPN Install

Some time ago, one windows server, with all updates, was hacked… As a result, one of the solutions to solve this problem - use VPN. But not all IT peeps can configure and support linux infrastructure or have some equipment to configure it easily… After some research I found a very useful project on GitHub ( openvpn-install ). Probably is the most easy way to install and support users. Just a simple wizard.