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Salto Events Sniffer Service

Simple service on python for resend events from SALTO server to email.

Docker persistent MAC address generation problem

When I was try start 150+ docker containers with docker-compose I found strange problem: "Could not generate persistent MAC address"

Script to generate a MAC address

Very simple and useful script to generate a MAC address. Applicable for docker, xen, kvm...

Good documentation portal with GitLab and MkDocs

What if you have Gitlab and want have pretty cool internal documentation portal? We need Gitlab with enabled and configured Gitlab Pages, Gitlab Runner and few packages from MkDocs. You can use any template or extension from MkDocs and use full power of CI/CD.

How to protect API endpoints

How to protect API endpoints, using nginx, more comfortable. This way can impact some performance, because "If is Evil...", says, but not provide normal solution :) So, any limitation can be abused...

Failed gitlab-runner update. "The following signatures couldn't be verified"

Failed to fetch The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 3F01618A51312F3F

Google Education - Mass users creation and passwords sending

Example, how fast and easy prepare and create users. Google documentation show methods, but not explain how to prepare data.

Fix emails date-time after migration to Dovecote

Many mail clients show wrong email receiving date-time, because file creation time is wrong after migration or restore. Here short review how to fix it for Dovecote on ISPConfig.

PDO sqlsrv for PHP 7.3

Some time you need old-school... So, PDO sqlsrv for PHP 7.3 on Centos 7