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Docker persistent MAC address generation problem

When I was try start 150+ docker containers with docker-compose I found strange problem: "Could not generate persistent MAC address"

Script to generate a MAC address

Very simple and useful script to generate a MAC address. Applicable for docker, xen, kvm...

Good documentation portal with GitLab and MkDocs

What if you have Gitlab and want have pretty cool internal documentation portal? We need Gitlab with enabled and configured Gitlab Pages, Gitlab Runner and few packages from MkDocs. You can use any template or extension from MkDocs and use full power of CI/CD.

How to protect iptables when we use docker-compose

How to protect iptables when we use docker-compose. By default docker dynamically add some rules to iptables and you can't flush or manage firewall as usual. I sow many solutions, like save current docker rules and after returning back... I don't think it is a good idea... If docker can't deal with FW - we need free him from this task. Here about docker-compose demonization with systemd .

Docker compose demonization with systemd

How to (auto)start infrastructure with docker-compose. Very useful for development needs as example for review server (pre-prod or test environment). Here about how to protect iptables when we use docker-compose .