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Docker persistent MAC address generation problem

When I was try start 150+ docker containers with docker-compose I found strange problem: "Could not generate persistent MAC address"

Fix emails date-time after migration to Dovecote

Many mail clients show wrong email receiving date-time, because file creation time is wrong after migration or restore. Here short review how to fix it for Dovecote on ISPConfig.

Bash script template

Times to time I need to create script with user friendly interface, for this usage with ARG0, ARG1... bad form. Here example how to use normal argument's like " -h"

CloudFlare API - list zone records

Easy and fast way get all domains or records via CloudFlare API

Moving WordPress redirects to nginx

We have pretty cool json from WordPress redirect table and we need move this action to nginx.

Haproxy before InfluxDB

What we have: Telegraf with send stats to two influxdb servers and dashboard with we need point to only one server. Also we have Nagios as InfluxDB health monitoring.