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How to protect API endpoints

How to protect API endpoints, using nginx, more comfortable. This way can impact some performance, because "If is Evil...", says, but not provide normal solution :) So, any limitation can be abused...

Magic with nginx geo and autoindex on/off

Long story short: nginx not support ".htaccess" and some times is it a problem. We have directory and we need to show index only for specific IP's.

Minimalist nginx vhost template example

Sometimes make sense to put small and understandable template. I don't see any point to use separated 80 and 443 vhosts if you need only 443, and 80 needed only for redirect.

Moving WordPress redirects to nginx

We have pretty cool json from WordPress redirect table and we need move this action to nginx.

Latest Ruby on Debian 8 with multi-site

Short notes, how to configure Ruby on Debian 8 and store Slate (helps you create beautiful, intelligent, responsive API documentation)

Mass redirect using Nginx map file

After some migration between applications versions you need to keep backward compatibility. Here example of easy way how to redirect lot of links to new location for Nginx. (Example for Haproxy )