Fail python-pip after upgrade on Debian 8 and 9

Some time after "pip install --upgrade pip" pip fail with error "ImportError: cannot import name main".

How to protect iptables when we use docker-compose

How to protect iptables when we use docker-compose. By default docker dynamically add some rules to iptables and you can't flush or manage firewall as usual. I sow many solutions, like save current docker rules and after returning back... I don't think it is a good idea... If docker can't deal with FW - we need free him from this task. Here about docker-compose demonization with systemd .

Docker compose demonization with systemd

How to (auto)start infrastructure with docker-compose. Very useful for development needs as example for review server (pre-prod or test environment). Here about how to protect iptables when we use docker-compose .

AWS + StrongSwan

How to tunnel 2 AWS networks and don't use AWS services. Most of manual show how to do it, but without high availability. Here we can have asymmetric routing or any other.

CloudFlare API - list zone records

Easy and fast way get all domains or records via CloudFlare API

Moving WordPress redirects to nginx

We have pretty cool json from WordPress redirect table and we need move this action to nginx.

Merge and deploy letsencrypt certs with salt

Easy way merge two files on the fly. Storage can be any from list of salt supported.