GitLab Runner: Cache adapter could not be initialized: missing S3 configuration

Some day gitlab runner cache just stop work. Version gitlab-runner=12.0.1 No URL provided, cache will not be downloaded from shared cache server. Instead a local version of cache will be extracted. Sep 3 13:32:29 review gitlab-runner[354]: ERROR: Could not create cache adapter error=cache adapter could not be initialized: missing S3 configuration

MySQL export. Table per file.

Way to save gzipped sql file with contain only one table. Some times good to have.

Magic with nginx geo and autoindex on/off

Long story short: nginx not support ".htaccess" and some times is it a problem. We have directory and we need to show index only for specific IP's.

/var/run/mysqld not present after reboot

Symptoms: after installation Mysql UP and work properly, but after first reboot isn't start because can't create pid/socket in /var/run/mysqld

Minimalist nginx vhost template example

Sometimes make sense to put small and understandable template. I don't see any point to use separated 80 and 443 vhosts if you need only 443, and 80 needed only for redirect.

Redis with failover replication

Redis - nice tools for store key-value data in different formats. Here pretty easy way to create failover for replication. Sometime named as redis cluster, but is it not true, just few (prefer 3 for sentinel quorum) servers with one master and slaves in different configuration (slave from slave, slave by priority. local slave...).

Bash script template

Times to time I need to create script with user friendly interface, for this usage with ARG0, ARG1... bad form. Here example how to use normal argument's like " -h"